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How To Make A Potion Effect Last Longer. If you want to add something, then in between the } and the ] at the end right before it says display, in between those add ,{id:0,duration:2147483647} (i only put 0 as. It is a modifier that.

Control Undead Spell Revisions
Control Undead Spell Revisions from

All pheromones 5t, d 150, ammo 5. Lots more potions added, potion charges increased, toxicities lowered! When this potion is drank, it will give you the slow falling effect for 4 minutes.

Control Undead Spell Revisions

For conjuration, it increases the duration of the spell. This video will show you how to give yourself infinite potion effects in the java edition of minecraft! follow my twitch!/effect give minec. I have some code here you can look at for the specifics: This modification applies to most potions.